Friday, March 6, 2009

Black White Barbie

I met someone at a bus stop today, and he (she?) was very good at talking. Sometimes people get good at speaking because you need to, and sometimes people get good at speaking because you NEED to. I think this case was the latter, in conjunction with the right amount of sass in the personality department.
The feeling that I got was that of general amazement, love, fear, joy, sadness, among other things. It was really complicated and confusing. But great speakers can just jolt you into some land and shake you up.
I really would love to become one, but I think my voice is too squeaky.
hug life,

Required Rants

Does this blog partake in hibernation??

What do you guys/gals think about requirements? Do you think it destroys the souls of most involved, or does it seem like a good idea to you?
In general terms, I think it's pretty vague and iffy, but what about required classes? I only thought about it seriously when I (overreacted and) felt as if my educational plans were in shambles. Having to teach a required course must suck, especially since many required courses are general overviews of topics whereas electives are more specialized and both the teachers and the students care about that specific topic. Isn't there a better way to teach general knowledge? What happened to good elementary school teachers?

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